What's a Word Dial Vanity Number

Finger touching the 5 key on a smartphone

A Word Dial Vanity Number is simply a phone number that spells a word or words enabling a potential or current customer to easily recall the number from memory. 

There are assigned characters to numbers on a phone keypad (except the 1 and 0 keys) as illustrated to the right.  The characters can be recalled from memory instead of numbers if you have a Word Dial Vanity Number.  We've all heard of 800-FLOWERS® which is also 800-356-9377 or 800-MATTRESS® which is 800-628-8737. 

A Word Dial Vanity Number can be seven or more digits like 800-ROYAL-CARIBBEAN (800-769-2522) that is 14 characters long and 877-TD-AMERITRADE (877-832-6374) that is 12 characters long because your phone will ignore any extra numbers dialed beyond seven numbers plus the area code.

RC                   TD

What's easier for customer's to remember?   A number like 800-WORD-DIAL or 800-967-3342