Benefits of a Word Dial vanity number

Numerous studies show that Word Dial vanity numbers (a/k/a novelty numbers) attract more callers who are qualified "by both desire, and ability, to buy your product or services" (Source:  PRWeekly).  Word Dial vanity phone numbers are more memorable therefore they work harder for your business marketing budget providing numerous benefits like we've tried to highlight below.

Bar chart showing 14 times more memory recall with a vanity number over plain numeric

  Increased sales   Keep customers out of the yellow pages
  Longer retention   They work 24/7, 365 days for you
  Brand recognition   Ad response rates can increase over 30%
  Happier customers   Use campaign analysis reports
  It's affordable   They are 14 times easier to recall
  Gain distinction   Have exclusivity of a number
  Word-of-mouth referral marketing improves   Add immediate value to your business
  They speak for themselves   Add status and distinction and boost reputation
  Increases ROI (return on investment)   Can be used across multiple ad channels
  Improves customer feedback contact points   Improves customer service contact points
  Hundreds of national brands rely on memorable vanity numbers and Word Dial numbers can bring the same powerful advantage to small and mid-size companies.
√  Studies show that using Word Dial vanity numbers in multi-channel advertising campaigns can boost lead generation and increase inbound calls by 25-50%.
√  Almost 85% of people will recall a Word Dial vanity number after seeing or hearing it in an ad.
√  Millennials (1981-1996) and Generation Z (born after 1997) are over 90% more likely to recall a Word Dial number after seeing or hearing it in an ad.
√  15 second adds are trending because budgets have shrunk and because they capture viewer's attention longer than 30 or 60 second.  Viewers are now exposed to even more ads for more businesses, so you have less time to make an impression.
√  Research shows that consumers are 9 times more likely to recall a Word Dial vanity number in broadcast advertising (radio, television, internet, etc.) compared to a numeric phone number.
√  A Clear Channel outdoor consumer research study shows that advertisers using a Word Dial vanity number can expect up to an 84% improvement in recall of their phone number in visual media types, like billboards, as opposed to numeric phone numbers.
√  It gives you flexibility by using geo-routing to connect customers who call to multiple office locations.  Word Dial intelligently routes each customer's call to the closet store location.
√  Easily track all inbound calls from your ad campaigns.
√  Research shows that 60% of customers like to engage business through phone calls.
√  You're likely to earn business from over 35% of people by having a Word Dial number as opposed to not having one.
√  48% of Generation Z people have attempted to text a vanity number while 27% of Millennials have attempted to text.  21% of all people have attempted to text a vanity number. 
√  Generation Z (born after 1997) is the generation that you are most likely to earn business from having a Word Dial number at over 28%.
√  You're over 50% more likely to earn business in Canada with a Word Dial vanity number than in the United States.
√  36% of people are more likely to call a Word Dial vanity number than a non-vanity number.  Generation Z people are 48% more likely to call a vanity number than a non-vanity number.
√  Accurate call routing applications ensure every call reaches you as quickly as possible, every time, no matter where they are located.
√   Many Word Dial vanity number users report calls coming in months after an advertising campaign or promotion has ended.
√  The Word Dial number is licensed to you to use in all your marketing materials like print, radio, TV, digital ads, social media, website, your trucks, cars, signs, and merchandise.
√  Most Word Dial numbers can be licensed for all of the USA and Canada with some "shared use" numbers like 800-ASK-A-PRO and 888-CHEM-DRY licensed by area code or state.
√  You have the option to activate texting capabilities with your number.
√  Forward all calls received to a convenient cell phone or multiple sales or customer service representatives.
√  Phone calls are now and will always be more valuable than internet leads.  An inbound call eliminates steps and shortens the sales process.  A Word Dial number makes this easier.
√  Automatically greet customers with an automated menu Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routine.
√  Easy to remember and recalled by new and existing customers.
√  Studies show that a toll free Word Dial vanity number is 14 times easier to remember than a standard phone number.
√  Customers will remember you and your phone number ahead of your competition.
√  Word of mouth referrals to friends, family, and co-workers is simple.
√  Provides convenience for your customers because they don't have to write your number down.
√  Turn your company vehicles into "moving billboards".
√  You can build a whole business around a Word Dial vanity number with success stories like 800-FLOWERS, 800-MATTRESS, and 800-GOT-JUNK.
√  Surveys find that consumers remember vanity phone numbers better than a website URL.
√  Your customer service improves because your number is stuck in their heads.
√  Lends credibility to your business and conveys a professional image that will project your business as smart, established, and authoritative.
√  You will improve ROI (return on investment) on all your advertising campaigns.
√  Your easy to remember number will keep customers off Google and away from your competitor's advertisements.
√  Customers are more likely to call a number they can recall easily.
√  Conveys what your business does.
√  Helps build your brand awareness.  If the phone number you're posting on your ads is just a string of numbers, anybody who sees it is likely to disregard or forget it.
√  Easy to implement with no set-up charges, equipment, or software.
√  Endless marketing benefits that position your company as an expert in their field.

You can have what the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies use to enhance their business.  See for yourself what your return on investment with a Word Dial Vanity Number can achieve with our VanityROI™ Calculator