Word Dial Vanity Number Cost Comparison

We all know the price of something is only relevant in the absence of value.  At Word Dial Numbers we are aware that you haveWeight scale with Value weighing more than Price hundreds of options in securing a phone number for your business.  We wanted to provide a simple cost comparison to help illustrate just how inexpensive it is to have a powerful Word Dial Vanity Number for your business compared to accepting a radomly assigned numeric number that provides absolutely NO value whatsoever.  Most carriers require you to have a landline phone in your home or business as a prerequisite to having a toll free number with their company which adds uneccesary additional monthly expenses.

With all expenses considered together with the increased value of a new toll free vanity number it's easy to see that partnering with Word Dial Numbers will pay for itself.

Carrier Monthly Cost Per Minute Charge Set-Up Fee Charged
Verizon $27 ↑ + landline phone expense 6.9¢ Yes
AT&T $15 ↑ + landline phone expense 6.9¢ Yes
Comcast $10 ↑ + landline phone expense 6.9¢ Yes
Word Dial Numbers $99 5.0 to 7.9¢ No