Marketing Ideas - Page 9

Android phone banner using 1-877-NEW-PHONE

Drain Pro Man van using 1-866-TOTAL-FLOW

Venice Car Repair logo using 1-877-CAR-REPAIR

Toyota Dealership building front using 1-866-TO-TOYOTA

Big Tires store using 1-877-CAR-REPAIR
Expediter Truck Sales van using 1-877-EXPEDITE

Heating and Cooling Van using 1-877-GET-WARM

Pest control van using 1-877-EXTERMINATE

Brighthouse vans using 1-877-BRIGHTHOUSEFlooring van using 1-866-TOTAL-FLOORSMan holding Tax Returns sign using 1-866-TAXES-ETC
Lawn Attraction truck using 1-866-TRUE-GREEN

Wyotech school website banner using 1-877-WYOTECH
Visiting Angels car using 1-888-ANGELS-VISIT

Shred Direct van using 1-888-SHRED-ME

Pinnacle Lawn and Landscape truck using 1-888-YARD-LOVERCelestial brand tea using 1-888-CELESTIAL

Precision RV and Auto Sales using 1-866-PRECISION

A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

What's easier to remember?  A numeric number like 800-967-3342 or a word dial number like 800-WORD-DIAL