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 Generate more calls & texts with a toll free vanity number for as little as $99 

Get more inbound phone leads, texts, and higher ad response with a Word Dial Numbers toll free vanity number.

Many are aware that most Fortune 500 companies use toll free vanity or word dial numbers for the success of their business.  Numbers like 800-FLOWERS, 888-ALLSTATE, 877-AIRBORNE, 866-MOBILITY (AT&T), 855-MOV-EDGE (Comcast), 844-WHARTON (Wharton Univ.), 833-ASKEATS (Uber Eats) are at the heart of a companies growth and success.  

        Even the U.S. Federal Communications Commission states that toll free vanity numbers are successful, steadily growing in popularity, and a proven marketing tool for any sized company.  Call the IRS at 800-TAX-FORM, 800-QUIT-NOW, the FBI at 855-FBI-TIPS, Veteran Affairs at 844-VA-CLAIM, Dept. of Labor at 800-USA-LEARN, or our federal government at 800-FED-INFO.

       Toll free numbers have been around since 1967.  Over 70% of consumers remember a word dial vanity number correctly after a 30 second ad, while 30 second ads with a standard number only yield a 5% recall rate.   A study by D & M Research involving 2,400 respondents revealed that word dial numbers are on average 5 times more memorable than phone numbers and can be up to 10 times more memorable depending on the media used.  In this study, 28% of research participants knew the correct word dial number name 48 hours after exposure compared to only 1% for phone numbers (word dial numbers are 20 times more memorable than phone numbers after 48 hours).

How it works!

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It's simple.

When a customer calls your vanity number like 800-POOL-BUILDER the call is automatically routed to your phone if the call originated from your service area.

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Who uses it!

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Anyone who makes money from incoming calls can benefit from a good vanity number that leaves a lasting impression on consumers. 

What good is a company brand if it can't be remembered?

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How to start!

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Are you looking for a memorable vanity number for your business?

  Start your toll free vanity number search with Word Dial Numbers.  Find the perfect number for your company.

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About Us

Ron SelbyRon Selby

Ron oversees business development and client relations.  As CEO his vision and leadership focuses on being better before bigger.  With personal sales experience marketing insurance, mortgage, and investment products he knows first hand that having a memorable vanity number provides exponential results for marketing any kind of business.  Try reading or calling 800-RON-SELBY without thinking of Ron.  How easy can your customers recall your number?

There are currently 40 million active toll free numbers in use today.  We strive to find you one that can move your company forward to the next level of growth.


  • This Month's Tip:

    Repetition typed 6 times on paperThe most important tip with your marketing is to use repetition.

    Make sure you use your vanity number on your website, across all social media, in your email signature, on YouTube, newsletters, promotional items, business cards and other marketing opportunities.  This will help pull more leads by ensuring that potential clients retain your easy-to-remember number.

    Updated: 9.12.23
  • did you know?:

    Hey, I really wanted you to see this written on a yellow sticky noteStop making new customers scramble for a pen and paper when they see or hear your phone number in an ad. . .

    You need a phone number that customers will remember!  What's easier to remember 866-678-4667 or the vanity number 866-OPTIONS

    Updated: 9.12.23
  • New Products:

    Phone incircled in a cloudVirtual PBX - Sound like a large company with customized greetings, interactive menus, and extensions.  A Virtual PBX allows you to direct callers to the right person or department and have employees at different locations function as one virtual call center. 

    Enhance your professional image and enjoy the advantages of a complete phone network at a fraction of the cost.

  • press release:

    Call or Text us at 1-800-YourNumber written on a chalkboardOur vanity numbers are available to both call and text.  Texting is often the preferred way for customers to communicate.

    Word Dial Numbers can enable most of our numbers to receive texts from your prospects and customers. 

    This new feature can be a game changer for many businesses.  Imagine a car dealer has a car on the lot that a busy consumer wants to know if it's still in stock during an executive board meeting.  The consumer could discretely send a text to the dealer and get the information they need to act on their purchase.

    Updated: 3.11.2023


Man iconWord Dial Numbers offer a variety of ways for you to get the support you need. 

Although each company we work with has different services and needs, our goal remains the same:  focus on being better before bigger.

We can help bring you more calls, more sales, and more profits.


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A few vanity number benefits include :

1 - Easy to Remember
2 - Additional Sales Avenue
3 - Instant Credibility
4 - Increased ROI
5 - Referral Marketing Improves
6 - Stronger Presence in the Market
7 - Increased Sales
8 - Improved Customer Service